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After all I can really say that I’ve been very lucky in my journey to find a new position. About ten days ago I’ve signed a new contract to work as a postdoctoral researcher (assegnista di ricerca in italian) again in the prestigious Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and on a very exciting project devoted to the study of prebiotic molecules involved in the development of life in space. It’s gonna be a challenging and learning experience at the same time because of my limited experience in Quantum Mechanical calculations to develop Molecular Mechanics force fields. Anyway, I’m going to be guided by and work with real experts in the group of Prof. Vincenzo Barone at Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

Coming back to live and work in Tuscany in such a short period of time seems like a dream. I’m also very grateful to Prof. Giuseppe Brancato, my previous advisor, for making this possible and allowing me to continue the collaboration with his research group. So, I’ll also be able to keep performing Molecular Dynamics simulations of larger systems as well. Since I’ve spent these first few days of the new job mainly reading the literature, I’m really looking forward to working on both new small molecules and new larger proteins.


Posted December 27, 2019 by andrecatte in career

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