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Today I had another early start at the office to keep track of the research project I am supposed to work on full time. In this way I managed to make time for the preparation of a couple of short tutorials for the two students I am currently supervising and for the course on developing teaching skills I started attending last week.

I was really looking forward to the lecture on supporting students with individual learning needs.  After covering the general challenges the students with different abilities encounter in an academic environment in groups, we had to try to perform some exercises to get a better understanding of what kind of hurdles a person with dyslexia has to face when it comes to writing and reading.  The wide spectrum of people with mental health illnesses was also presented at the end.  Some guidelines and suggestions on how to support students with different abilities were also shown throughout the lecture.  We were also informed about the shocking lateness it took to consider unlawful the discrimination against people with different abilities (September 2002).  

This very enlightening experience made me admire even more the resilience of people with different abilities.







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